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NTA EBulletin May 29, 2023

In this issue:

General Membership Meeting and Follow-up Survey

Over 500 people attended our General Membership Meeting last Thursday evening! A huge thank you to Chris Walsh, who did all of the behind the scenes work that made the webinar run as smoothly as one could possibly hope. Elizabeth Ross Del Porto first gave an overview of contract negotiations, followed by NTA Bargaining Team members Lynn Penczar, Mike Burtch, Elana Cutler, Marcia Okum, Jayme Ellis, Allyson Andrews, Dan Rub, Valerie Lewis, Janette Patel, Tony Sbordone, and Thomas Buchau answering member questions. We then had presentations from Liz Simpson on the NTA's community outreach and Kelly Henderson and Mike Schlegelmilch on our contract campaign. We ended the meeting with a series of polls, asking members about their participation in our contract campaign: what they are now doing and what they are willing to do for the remainder of this year, during the summer, and in the fall. We have also put the same questions to the entire membership: Please complete this survey even if you were at the meeting and completed the polls -- in that way we will be able to get a better sense of where the full membership is regarding contract actions. We need as many of you as possible to please fill it out. If you haven't yet done so, please click here to do so.

Contract Action

Join our end of the year June 15 RALLY on the lawn of City Hall. All hands on deck--this is a final action of the year. Sign up to let us know you will be attending. We are now in our second week of modified work to rule! To see pictures of walk-ins and walk-arounds from across the district, click here. As we expected, this action will unfold differently in different buildings--different days, different times, different styles. Line the Halls for our June 1 and June 12 bargaining sessions. Click here to Line the Halls. Sign up to join the Parent Educator Collaborative and work to build community support for our campaign. If you live in Newton, host a Support Newton Educators lawn sign. Be an MTA Summer Organizer. Work in Newton; build our campaign; get paid! Sign up here. Volunteer for the NTA summer community outreach campaign. Sign up here. And don't forget, complete our contract action survey.


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