The Professional Rights and Responsibilities (PR&R) Committee is chaired by the Second Release officer appointed by the president.  Members of the committee are appointed by the president.  The PR&R Committee supports members in connection with work place, contract, and evaluation issues; processes grievances brought to the attention of the association; makes recommendations to the Executive Committee in cases involving arbitration of grievances.

Christine Walsh, Chair, NTA Office

Marcela Ahlberg, Memorial Spaulding

Alicia Carrillo, NNHS

Sue Cohen, Bigelow

Kaitlin Fetzer, Countryside

Phil Golando, NNHS

Maggi Hartnett, Oak Hill

Carolyn Hatje, Ed Center

Alex Kraus, NSHS

Alla Mantsur-Shane, Memorial Spaulding

Sally Mazur, Memorial Spaulding/Zervas

Roland Moffitt, Day

Beth Ann Nohmy, Mason Rice

Charles Rooney, NNHS

Elizabeth Ross, Angier

Linda Ross, Underwood

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