The Professional Rights and Responsibilities (PR&R) Committee is chaired by the Second Release officer appointed by the president.  Members of the committee are appointed by the president.  The PR&R Committee supports members in connection with work place, contract, and evaluation issues; processes grievances brought to the attention of the association; makes recommendations to the Executive Committee in cases involving arbitration of grievances.

Christine Walsh, Chair, NTA Office

Alicia Carrillo, NNHS

Kaitlin Fetzer, Countryside

Phil Golando, NNHS

Alla Mantsur-Shane, Memorial Spaulding

Sally Mazur, Memorial Spaulding/Zervas

Roland Moffitt, Day

Beth Ann Nohmy, Mason Rice

Charles Rooney, NNHS

Elizabeth Ross, Angier

Linda Ross, Underwood

Jean Singers, Bigelow Middle School

Mary Radonich, Brown Middle School