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High School Joint Oversight Committee

The High School Joint Oversight Committee is a labor / management group charged with overseeing the implementation of the High School Time and Learning Agreement.

Mike Zilles, NTA President, NTA Office

Newton South High School:

  • Jamie Rinaldi, History

  • Alex Kraus, Science

  • Megan Leary-Crist, Fine and Performing Arts

  • Melissa Gamble, Special Education

  • Carie Lyn Carnahan, Special Education

Newton North High School:

  • Heather Haynes, Scheduler

  • Dan Fabrizio, World Language

  • Lauren Italiano, Library

  • Karen Tokos, Science

  • Amy Winston, Vice Principal

  • Lauren Baugher, Physical Education

  • Melissa Ramgren/Lisa McKenny, Career and Tech. Ed.

  • Adam George, English

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