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Association Representatives (also referred to as Building Representatives) are elected at the building level to serve the needs of the members and represent the association.  Building representatives represent the Association in the building they represent; keep the members informed about Association news and activities through monthly 10 minute meetings; support and advocate for members in their buildings; assist with the annual membership drive; attend regular and special meetings of the Representative Assembly.  Association Representatives attempt to resolve grievances at the building level through collaborative problem solving with the building administrator and, if unable to resolve these issues at the building level, to assist in the formation of formal grievances. 


The Representative Assembly (RA) is compromised of the Executive Committee members and the Association Representatives.  Regular meetings of the RA are held monthly, generally on the 1st Wednesday of the month, throughout the school year.  As the legislative body of the Association, the Representative Assembly hears and acts upon reports from the Executive Committee, the Executive Officers, and committees of the Association; passes upon and approves an annual budget and sets membership dues for the Association; employs a staff for the efficient management of the Association and adopts personnel policies governing them; formulates other policies as needed; projects programs of activity; makes appropriations; and establishes special services to be offered by the Association.

Newton Early Childhood Program (Preschool)

Rebecca Maxfield

Ashley Raven

Ed Center

Corinne Popp, Springboard

Steve Martin, Central High

TBD, At Large

Unit B (at large):

Jamin Bercaw, Oak Hill Middle School

Deana Lew, Ed Center

Unit C (at large):

Valerie Brunache Lewis, Countryside Elementary

Lindsay Pearlstein, Lincoln-Eliot Elementary

TBD (up to 5 from elementary and middle schools)

Unit E (at large):

Tony Sbordone, Administrative Support Staff


Related Service Providers:

Joe Barrett, Ed Center

Middle Schools



Michael Burtch, Terry Kitchen, Jean Singers


Elana Cutler, Isaiah Davidson-Weiss, Rachel Heep



Linda Kincaid, Roland Moffitt, Melissa Thomas


Oak Hill

Daniel Arroyo, Caleb Cutler, Carol Kappel


High Schools

Newton North

Unit A: Erin Dalbec, John Fitzgerald, Emily Lewis, Mike Schlegelmilch, TBD

Unit B: Greg Drake, Heather Hotchkiss

Unit C: Christian Collins, TBD

Newton South

Unit A: John Curley, Talia Gallagher, Jeremiah Hill, Sheree Russo, Kyle Stark

Unit B: Alex Kraus

Unit C: Judy Antonellis, Addrene Coney

Elementary Schools



Kaitlin Fetzer, Fran Rametta


Sharon Lipman, Neftalie Torres



Vanessa McMahon, Sarah Field



Olivia Bernow, Kate Foley



Rachel Bikofsky, Suzanne Szwarcewicz



MaryJane Boudreau, Melissa Chiozzi


Horace Mann

Lori-Ann Akdag, Emily Bard, Sarah Thorne



Ariana Foster, Lynn Penczar


Mason Rice

Donna Devaney, Adele Haratsis


Memorial Spaulding

Cindy Basso, Kim Hyland



Brett Arrone, Kelly Champagne


Ernesto Hernandez, TBD


Rachel Ritchie, Maria Sullivan



Stacey Crocker, Eric Ritter



Becky Kinney, Michael Stern

MTA/NEA Representatives


MTA Director, District 18

Kelly Henderson, Newton South High School

NEA Director

Zena Link, Newton South High School

MTA Field Representative

Jason Leto

MTA New Member Liasion

Ariana Foster, Lincoln-Eliot Elementary

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