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Take Action: Save and Expand COVID Pooled Testing

Tonight the School Committee will meet to hear a presentation from the Medical Advisory Group. As you are aware, the MAG has recommended that Newton discontinue pooled testing in grades Pre-K to 6.

Pooled testing should not be cancelled; it should be expanded to grades 7-12!

On Tuesday, January 18th, DESE announced a new COVID testing program that provides one rapid test per week to all students and staff, which districts can use to supplement existing pooled surveillance testing.

The combination of DESE's new weekly antigen testing program with expanded pool testing would provide two tests per week to every member of the school community, helping to prevent COVID outbreaks. That means more stability for our schools, reduced learning loss for our kids, and less pressure on the already stretched-thin staff.

As the School Committee will be deciding the fate of surveillance testing in the next few days--possibly even tonight--we must let them know NOW what we think. Please click here in order to send an email to Superintendent Fleishman, Mayor Fuller, and the members of the School Committee: Expand Surveillance testing and to opt-in to weekly at home testing for students and staff.

Now more than ever, our kids, staff, and parents need a safe, stable learning environment. Please take this opportunity to expand testing opportunities for our school district to help prevent further strain on staffing, learning loss for our kids, and instability in parents homes.

Click here to join our campaign!


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