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September 12: Silent Meetings Update

Dear Colleagues:

Members have brought it to our attention that building principals are sending out emails about today and tomorrow's staff meetings that include language that is similar to are similar to the message this:

"Just as was the case, I will be planning our meeting to include opportunities for participation that are in the best interest of staff and students, as participation in staff meetings is a necessary and intrinsic part of our jobs. I expect all staff to come prepared to in our meetings with your colleagues."

The NTA is still asking members to remain silent in staff meetings today and tomorrow, and to come prepared to participate by bringing your computers, paying careful attention to any all information presented to you, and to taking careful notes.

The Department of Labor Relations has not yet issued a decision on whether remaining silent in staff meetings is a strike. We expect to know later today, or, at the latest, by tomorrow morning, and will let you know their decision as soon after we find out as possible.

In solidarity Mike Zilles, President Newton Teachers Association



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