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High School Academic Planning Team

Unit A Members

Stacey Bishop, NSHS, Social Worker / METCO Engagement Counselor

Ashley Chapman, NSHS, Teacher - Social Studies

Hae Choi, NSHS, Guidance Counselor

Katie Collins, Info Tech, ITS

Denise Cremin, NNHS, Teacher - WL - Spanish

Jollene Filio, NNHS, Guidance Counselor

Nikki Franchi, NNHS, Teacher - SpED

Kyle Greenidge, NNHS , Guidance Counselor

Amanda Griffin, NNHS, Guidance Counselor

Brian Hammel, NSHS, Instructional Technology Specialist

Dennis Klem, NNHS, Teacher - Math

Alex Kraus, NSHS, Teacher - Science

Sam Lee, NSHS, Teacher - ELA

Michelle Leong, NNHS, Teacher - ELA

Rachael McNally, NSHS, Teacher - Social Studies

Colleen Meigher, NNHS, Psychologist

Alan Rotatori, NSHS, Teacher - PEHW

Peter Turner, NNHS, Teacher - Social Studies

Chris Wood, NNHS, Teacher - WL - Spanish

Unit B Members

Brian Baron, NSHS, Dept. Head ELA

Josepha Blocker, NSHS, Dean

Jill Curry, Ed Center, Coordinator - Transition

Melissa Dilworth, NNHS, Dept. Head ELA

Art Fergusson, Ed Center, Coordinator - MTSS

Melissa Gamble, NSHS, Dept. Head Student Svcs

Chris Hardiman, NSHS, Interim Vice Principal

Lisa Langone Berard, Ed Center, Director of Secondary Student Services

Megan Leary Crist, NSHS, Dept. Head - F&PA

Allison Levit, Ed Center, Director Language Acquisition

Suzanne Murphy Ferguson, NSHS, Dept. Head - WL

Charlie Myette, NSHS, Dean

Todd Young, NNHS, Dept. Head - F&PA

Amy Winston, NNHS, Vice Principal

Unit E Members

Faye Cassell, NSHS, Scheduler

Meghan Smith, NNHS, Scheduler

NTA Leadership

Mike Zilles, President

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