NTA EBulletin October 12, 2020

Negotiations Update It has now been three weeks in a row that I have repeated that we are near an agreement on almost all issues we are negotiating. The holdup remains the same: the district wants to retain as much flexibility as it can to implement further initiatives, or to change or scrap elements of the agreement, without further negotiations. We currently are waiting for a reply to a counterproposal we presented the district on Friday.

General Membership Meeting As I said last week, when we reach a tentative agreement with the School Committee, our next steps will be first set a date for a General Membership Meeting, then distribute information that will inform all members of the substance of the agreement, and finally hold the meeting and a ratification vote.  Here are the results of last week's poll on who you think should be able to vote on the agreement. Of 565 members who voted, 79 (14%) voted that only NTA members who attend the General Membership Meeting should be able to vote on the agreement. 486 (86%) voted that all NTA members should be able to vote on the agreement. All NTA members will have the opportunity to vote on the agreement.

Elections The MTA has endorsed two non-binding resolutions that appear on the ballot this fall: The first asks the elected state representative to vote in favor of rules making the State House more transparent: votes taken in committee would become publicly available on the State House’s website. (See more here.) The second resolution recommends a vote in favor of bolder action on the climate crisis: legislation to move our state rapidly to 100% renewable energy. (See more here.)  If you would like more information on these resolutions, click here to ask any questions you may have. *************** "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose." Please take care and stay well. Mike   Mike Zilles, President Newton Teachers Association


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