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NTA EBulletin May 14, 2023

This week: One day a week, modified "work to rule."

Contract Action

One day a week modified work to rule begins this week, although many of you had already begun "practicing" over the past couple of weeks. We are fully expecting that this action will unfold differently in different buildings--different days, different times, different styles. The key element in the action is the unified walk-ins to start the day--or, as members are doing in some buildings, "walk-arounds" during lunch break on Wednesdays, when students are dismissed and parents are there for pick-up. What's key: the show of solidarity and unity that we make to the public, administrators, and, perhaps most importantly, to each other. We are one union, and we can act in unity! If parents ask what we are negotiating for, we have created the below flyer. We have printed copies of these that we will be getting out to you asap!

More on the campaign:

Parents have created a webpage and petition (500 signatures so far--please sign) to restore kindergarten aides.

We have begun putting up lawn signs, and have nearly exhausted are existing stock. 500 more coming this week or early next. Sign up here to get yours delivered.

We need your help to line the halls. Please sign up here to line the halls before negotiations this Thursday!

Finally, if you haven't already, sign up for our next General Membership Meeting, where the focus will be on what's happening in negotiations. Click on the image below to sign up.



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