NTA EBulletin February 7, 2021

Surveillance Testing Expansion The Newton COVID Testing Working Group will present its recommendations for expanding the COVID surveillance testing program for the NPS at tomorrow's School Committee meeting. You can see their recommendation here, in this Covid testing memo to the School Committee. We will be listening carefully to the presentation tomorrow night, and meeting with the SC in the following days to discuss the proposal---but I can say, with a good deal of confidence, that the working group is recommending an excellent plan to expand the scope of testing. If you have time to read the memo or watch the School Committee presentation, and would lie to share feedback about how you think this program will work in your building, please respond to this email. Key features of the recommendation:

  • Gradual expansion of the scope of surveillance testing from staff to students, beginning with high schools and moving to younger students.

  • Transition to a more simplified, less staff intensive, and more convenient model for collecting swabs that can be done via take home kits. Greater convenience means higher compliance, means safer schools.

This is an incredibly important step in the direction of making the NPS safer as we bridge the period between now and the full availability of vaccines! And continued surveillance testing after staff are vaccinated will mean safer students. Deadline Reminders from Human Resources Leaves of AbsenceMarch 15th (Units A, B, C, & E) Voluntary TransfersMarch 15th (Units A & B) Tuition Reimbursement May 1st (Units A, B, C, & E) Early Retirement Incentive--$500 bonus to employees who complete retirement notification form and submit it to Human Resources at least four months prior to their last date of employment Forms can be found here.

"Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose." Please take care and stay well. Mike

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