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April 12 EBulletin

Trying to bring some normalcy back to the EBulletin, with the COVID-19 update being one part of the overall EBulletin.

COVID-19 Update April 12

Over the past week, I have been receiving fewer emails than I did at the beginning of the school closure period, I think largely because most of you are working hard to adjust to the new NPS Distance Learning Plan. That said, there are still members who have shared very serious concerns. In order to better understand and represent all of your needs, we have prepared a follow-up to the original survey you took after the Newton Public Schools closed in mid-March.  You can take the follow-up survey by clicking here. This survey is designed so that we can disaggregate the data and recognize the needs of specific groups of educators: preK, elementary, middle and high; special and general education, and more. In the interest of protecting your time, we have not included comment boxes for any of the specific questions. You should be able to complete the survey in five to ten minutes. We have included a place for you to give an open response on the last question of the survey. That question, #20, is: "What is the key piece of advice or guidance that you would like the NTA to take away from this survey? More specifically, what do you think is the key thing the NTA needs to know to support you as you adapt to this new plan for distance learning?" We hope that we have touched on your key concerns in the 19 previous questions in the survey, and that this last question will allow you to highlight and elaborate those key concerns. And if we haven't touched on your key concerns...let us know that too. Again, please take the follow-up survey by clicking here.

The Massachusetts Child, MTA’s Charitable Organization, Makes Available Emergency Funds.

The Massachusetts Child Fund is making available approximately $4,,000 in additional funding to the Newton Teachers Association to support enrichment and educational materials for students in need.

Their intent is to help educators stay connected with students while our schools remain closed. Perhaps you can send students in need a few books that you think they would enjoy. Or maybe there is a student who would take on a learning project if given the necessary supplies.

The Mass Child cannot reimburse the cost of electronics such as Chromebooks and iPads or any other materials that are the responsibility of the district.

To receive a grant for emergency funds, you should first contact Chris Walsh atTreasurer@newteach.orgto make sure the purchase you would like to make will qualify, then apply directly to Mass Child electronically. They have set up an electronic application form on the Mass Child page of the MTA website.

Volunteer Opportunity

The City of Newton is looking for volunteers to shop and deliver groceries to seniors. Please see the linked description of the opportunity, and let me know if you would like to volunteer yourself, or you know someone who will, and I will share this information. 

MTA Annual Meeting.

The MTA will hold a virtual annual meeting on Saturday, May 2, from 9:00 a.m. until about noon. 

The agenda includes:

  • Voting on the MTA budget for the coming fiscal year

  • Conducting elections for President, Vice President, Executive Committee, the Board of Directors, and the Retired Members Committee

  • Presenting an Issues Forum on the MTA All In Blueprint Project

  • Recognizing outstanding educators, students and education allies

The NTA already finished its nomination period for delegates to the annual meeting. We did not fill our quota of delegates, so if you would like to attend the annual meeting, you may still do so simply by letting me know.We will fill delegate slots first come first served until such time as we fill our quota.

Since this is such a topsy turvy year, even if you have already submitted nomination papers or let me know by email that you intend to attend, could you confirm by emailing me that you still will attend the MTA annual meeting? Just include "I would like to attend MTA Annual Meeting" in the subject line.

The same if you have not yet expressed an interest in attending the annual meeting, but would like to: just send me an email, and type "I would like to attend the MTA Annual Meeting" in the subject line. I will make sure you are registered.

There is a soft and a hard deadline for registering. 

The soft deadline is April 15. If you let me know before then, it is much easier for us to register you...both for the NTA and for the MTA.

The hard deadline is April 27. After that date, we can no longer register you as a delegate.

"Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose."

Please take care and stay well.




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