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NTA EBulletin January 29, 2023

NTA CAT members meet on February 1

In this issue:

NTA Contract Campaign The Contract Action Team met on Wednesday, February 1. For the first half of February, we agreed we need to do two things: 1. Build our communication networks in the buildings so that we have the capacity of have one on one conversations with all of our members. Please volunteer, if you haven't already, to be member of your CAT team/ a communicator. 2. Organize standouts for February 14 or February 15 in every building. These standouts will be: (1) timed to coincide with T-shirt Tuesday or Wear it Wednesday in your building; (2) will show educator support for the override vote in March; (3) will be coordinated with the override campaign, so that (4) we will be joined by community supporters. The override campaign, along with the PTOs in every building, will be getting out the parent community to join us in our standouts! This will be an exciting first big public facing action of our campaign!

Newton Override Campaign How you can help support the override: - Follow "Vote Yes for Newton" on both Instagram and Facebook so you can share info and testimonials with your network. - Share a testimonial, along with a photo of yourself, as to why you support the override as an educator. - Attend the Parent / Educator Collaborative Community Conversation on the override this Thursday, 2/2 at 7:30pm to share your thoughts with city councilors. Zoom link here. - Submit a Letter to the Editor to Fig City News showing your support. Note submission guidelines and send letters (maximum of 300 words) to - Sign up for a lawn sign if you live in Newton - Volunteer in other ways to support the override

NTA Support for Woburn Educators As I am sure you are aware, the members of the Woburn Teachers Association have been on strike since Monday, January 30. While it looked as though they were near a tentative agreement on Thursday evening, their Mayor has insisted on punitive measures in the agreement in retaliation for the strike. The WTA already faces fines from the state and potential loss of income for any days they were on strike that cannot be made up in June. To support the WTA, this Friday the NTA Executive Committee voted to provide $5,000.

Substitute Hiring Incentives 2022-2023

The NTA and the NPS have agreed to hiring incentives for substitutes for the 2022-2023 school year. These incentives are:

  • A higher pay rate for retirees for the remainder of this school year:

    • "The parties agree that for the remainder of the 2022-2023 SY, the daily rate for any retired Massachusetts public school teacher will be $150.00, this includes Unit A, Unit B, Unit C, and Unit E."

  • A hiring bonus for Unit D members hired this school year, both those already hired, and those to be hired:

    • "The parties agree that for 2022-2023 SY, newly hired Unit D members will be given a $500 hiring incentive, prorated to their FTE. This incentive will be paid in two (2) equal installments: one payment upon hire and one payment upon the completion of the 2022- 2023 school year. Unit D employees that were newly hired at any time during the 2022-2023 school year will receive this bonus retroactively and or proactively."

In addition to the provisions in this MOA, under certain circumstances, NPS is allowing building administrators to hire additional ISS staff beyond the ratios established in September. If you are a retired educator, or know a retired educator looking for part time work, please consider working as an ISS substitute in the Newton Public Schools. Chris Walsh and I would like to thank Kathy Smith for working with us to address the shortage of substitute coverage.



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