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NTA EBulletin: August 28: Opening Day NTA Rally; Silent Meetings

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Dear Colleagues,

Two reminders:

1. Join your fellow union members outside Newton South High school at our NTA Rally for a Fair Contract!

  • Rally outside Newton South at 7:45 a.m., ahead of the convocation.

  • Wear your blue NTA shirts (or another royal blue shirt if can’t can’t find your t-shirt or don’t have one).

  • Make and bring signs in support of our contract (we will provide some as well).

  • Carpool if you can to make it quicker to get back to your home schools.

2. Silent Meetings

Principals and many Unit B members have been directed to run participatory meetings during the first two days of school. They will be following these directives, though I doubt they like being put in that position. We need to be particularly sympathetic to the compromising position our Unit B members have been put in.

That said, please continue as planned.

We have organized members to not participate, and we are sticking with that plan, with a couple minor modifications. (To see the full silent meetings guidelines, click here.)

  • If you are required to bring your computer to the meeting, do so.

  • If you are asked to participate individually, do not respond unless given a directive to do so. (Not likely.)

  • When the meeting shifts to a presentational mode, if you are asked to use your computer, use it and participate that way. If not, participate by taking notes on everything that is presented. Careful, thorough notes. Do not do other work. These meetings won’t be painless, but hopefully they will be short.

We know where this is going, and we are prepared.

In solidarity,

Mike Zilles, President

Newton Teachers Association


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